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Fi-Dough's Inspiration: Edwina

It was January of 2000 when Edwina entered my life.

Edwina came from an abusive home and I knew from the moment I saw her "help me" eyes that we were destined to be together. Edwina needed a good home and I needed a companion. Within weeks her toy bin was full and she gained a healthy bit of weight. She even made our elderly family dog very happy by becoming mental stimulation. Over the holidays, she got a halloween costume and Christmas bells. I cooked her Thanksgiving dinner and baked her a birthday cake. So when people ask what inspired me to bake dog treats, my response is always, "My Edwina". Although Edwina has since passed, every treat is handmade with the same love that I felt while baking for her. I truly believe that every dog deserves a quality life that is loving and healthy. That's why it is Fi-Dough's mission to offer delicious treats that are made with the finest ingredients and sold at an affordable price.

- Joanne

Founder, Fi-Dough, Inc.

Meet Patti

Meet Jeff

Patti is an avid dog lover and when she is not barking at Jeff, she is baking fresh biscuits for your furry family and hers.

She is excited to test bake new recipes until she gets the paws up for perfection from her dogs, Bree, Willow and Scarlet. Sometimes the girls catch her munching on “their” treats!  And why not? The quality of ingredients makes them not only delicious, but shareable!

Love of all the four-legged tail-waggers at her home and yours is what Patti is all about. Patti’s signature response when her daughter calls to ask her what she’s doing?  You guessed it: “I’m baking!”

This is Jeff. He brings the biscuits to the table, so to speak. 

You will often find Jeff manning the display at the various farmer's markets and corresponding with our wonderful customers through our Facebook Fanpage. Lexie was Jeff's beloved dog, a rescue from North Shore Animal League. Lexie loved autumn in New York, which is why she was the inspiration behind Lexie's Pumpkin Patch!

Meet the Furry Faces Behind the Names

All of our treats are named after a family pet

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