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Fi-Dough Favorites

Why buy your dog Fi-Dough treats?

Hand-picked Organic Ingredients

Wholesome and Nutritious

Handmade with Love in the USA

Your dog will LOVE them!

Fi-Dough biscuits are made with 100% wholesome human-grade organic ingredients.  Our treats are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.  Our biscuits are slow-baked to maintain the vitamins and minerals our ingredients have to offer. Fi-Dough does not add any chemicals or preservatives to our treats. They are fit for both your dog and you to share together!

Who's Eating Fi-Dough's Treats?

Send us pictures of your furry friend enjoying Fi-Dough treats to be featured below!

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"Thank You for Wynter's

Easter surprise!"

-Debra Anne S.

"Fi-Dough sends us treats every holiday because our mommy rescued Jake!"

-Opie & Libby

"Brandy says Thank You!"

- Debra Anne S.

"I gave Gomez a piece to try he absolutely went crazy! He tried to tear open the bag! Thank you for making something that he loves! 


"My dogs love your treats!"

-Emilie Josephine

"Not leaving until they open this box from Fi-Dough!"

- Porter Geiger

"Brinkley checking out some

new gifts!"


"I discovered your treats today at the Stormville Flea Market. Remy, Oliver Lewis and Dudley  LOVED Dixie's Bacon & Cheddar drops!"


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